Class 3R

Class 3R

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The winning story was:

Cameron, Ryan, Mason, Bailey and Lillie – Grace

Once upon a time there was a tall money tree. One day as the children looked through the window they saw a thief with a ladder walking to it. The thief placed the ladder against the tree and quickly climbed to the top. He took a gigantic black sack out of the bag on his back and sorted to pick the money. He placed it carefully into the sack. The children shouted “Miss Robinson call the police someone is stealing all of the money off our School tree!”

Miss Robinson called the police straight away. The Police arrived and caught him red handed. They gave the money to Miss Murray who said “all of 3R can have a treat for catching the thief, the rest of the money we will save until we need it for something special!”

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Amy and Janae

One sunny day Amy and Janae found a tall tree that talked about money.  To get some money you have to shake the tree together and the best friends shared the money together.

Mya,  Rhien and Erin

I saw a money tree and I took what I needed and spent it on a bike a pet and a scooter. I’m going to buy a pool but save half so i’m not being greedy. Once all the money is gone off the tree, the tree will die!

Denn and Adam

Once upon a time Thomas was looking out of his window tall twissty tree and it had money on it. Thomas wanted to get the money. Then her wanted to pick all of it he thought that it was a leave tree but it was a money tree. So he went to get some money but it was so tall so he got 5 chairs and stacked them up and climbed up and got some of the money. He nearly fell down but luckily he caught on to the chair.


Once stood a tree in a big garden it was full of money it had £10,000,900,80 on the tree. I wanted it for good so I didn’t starve so I took £100 to have. Then I rushed to the shop to get some food I got loads. Then I told my Mum she was over the moon and I showed her the food so we never starved any more.

Riley, Logan and Coner

One sunny morning Miss Robinson looked out of the window and saw the tall twist tree that normally had green spikey leaves now it had money on it. She quickly ran as fast as a leopard to the tree and picked all the money she needed and put in her handbag. Miss Robinson eagerly jumped in her old rusty car and drove her car to the garage and bought a shiny red new car. “Yes now I can drive everywhere quicker” she shouted!


Once stood a tree in a big garden it had 10,20,50 pound notes. I wanted it for food so started to go to the shop. I got Beetroot, Strawberries and Grapes. Then I never went back again.