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OpenDoor is the result of a combination of experienced legal and financial know-how, drawn from within the One Advice Group. OpenDoor delivers a more streamlined and efficient service with the customer at the heart of all that we do.

The friendly and efficient teams within OpenDoor help customers nationwide to reclaim money they may be owed as a result of mis sold PPI, packaged bank accounts and also supports customers that wish to be compensated for flight delays they have experienced.

There is also a specialist team that can help customers to navigate the services and benefits available to the elderly, offering advice and guidance to ensure they receive everything they are entitled to.

Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), OpenDoor is a trading style of Open Door (Legal Services) Ltd which provides legal services under ABS licence 607880. It’s part of a uniquely structured (ABS) business with OpenDoor providing a high standard of service to customers.

This means our work is supervised by experienced solicitors, who have an exclusively customer service driven background. We treat our customers how we would want to be treated; this means a highly skilled, yet friendly and fair approach to legal and financial issues.

The legal team was initially created to enable Harrington Brooks to provide a comprehensive suite of legal support and services free, or at a competitive price, to existing customers (dependent on the type of advice required), and is now expanding the range of legal and financial advice and services to customers outside the Group.

OpenDoor is ideally positioned to deliver the support and expertise that existing Harrington Brooks customers need, for example, acting for customers in defending enforcement action taken by creditors to helping customers recover mis-sold financial and/or insurance products.

  • Harrington Brooks FMP and IVA customers are entitled to free legal advice relating to creditor enforcement issues.
  • Currently, one in every four Harrington Brooks debt management / IVA customers use this service.
  • Per month an average 2,250 creditor enforcement enquiries are dealt with effectively meaning that we give away £1.6m worth of free advice per annum.
  • Plus existing customers are entitled to 30 minutes free legal case assessment for matters relating to a range of other legal issues.

The free advice and support relating to Creditor Litigation matters includes:

  • Enforcement Officers (Bailiffs or High Court Sheriffs)
  • Debt related legal proceedings
  • County court judgments
  • Charging order applications and proceedings
  • Attachment of earnings applications and proceedings
  • Eviction action taken against you.

  • OpenDoor have helped over 5,000 customers claim back over £14 million redress from mis sold financial products.
  • We operate under a No Win No Fee policy.
  • Typically a successful claim takes between six to ten weeks from the date we receive a signed Letter of Authority which authorises OpenDoor to act on your behalf.
  • In 2013/14 the average PPI redress was £2,900 in value.
  • A typical mis sold packaged banking claim is £1,000 in redress.

Is The Future Of PPI All Claimed Out?

NO, it’s definitely not. Recent analysis of PPI redress revealed that approximately £50 billion of PPI policies have been sold over the last ten to fifteen years. With a total redress of £14.3 billion paid out to claimants (as of February 2014) and estimates for total redress now over £24 billion, there is much more still to be claimed.

How Much Is Available To Claim?

The top five high street banks have now made provisions of approximately £20 billion to deal with PPI. Lloyds bank is reported to expect an additional 550,000 new claims and complaints, also reporting a £300 million provision for previously defended claims.

The comprehensive suite of legal advice and services are offered at competitive rates and represents great value for money. Staff are approachable, professional and friendly, providing a trusted service.

By extending the service offering to new customers and businesses nationwide, OpenDoor pledge to be entirely driven by what customers need and seek and to being innovative and versatile in our approach.

Mission Statement

OpenDoor pride themselves in offering straightforward, professional legal and financial advice at competitive, cost-effective rates with a level of service that’s second to none. It’s their mission to:

  • Deal fairly with our customers on fees and delivery.
  • Work as fast as we can to deliver action and answers.
  • Respond quickly and pro-actively to protect your position.
  • Be transparent in all our dealings with you, the Courts and third parties.

Commitment to Quality

To attain the ABS licence with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA), we had to achieve the regulator’s confidence and show that they put the customer’s needs first and foremost, that working practices are of the highest level, and that customers obtain an efficient, empathetic and client-focused legal service – all combined with a high level and quality of service at a fair cost.

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