My Care Claim

Specialist legal advice for those in care to reclaim costs.

My Care Claim

My Care Claim is a trading style of Castle Keep Law. The team are experts in pursuing claims for refunds of privately paid care home fees which should have been funded by the NHS. Our average claim is worth £57,000.

The NHS has advised that claims could take two to four years to be processed, due to the lack of available staff and resource within the NHS and it is often the case that there is no consistency in the way different NHS bodies deal with these claims. However, My Care Claim are expecting the process to become quicker and more efficient as these NHS bodies engage third party companies to carry out the investigations and claims handling activities.

You can speak to My Care Claim if you need help regarding:

  • The recovery of care home fees
  • Support in assessing eligibility for NHS funding
  • Help in maximising a funding opportunity

Future Claims

My Care Claim have built up significant expertise, experience and knowledge in dealing with these very specialised claims and have recovered many thousands of pounds for our clients. They are passionate about correcting the injustices that can and have occurred.

In addition to providing professional advice regarding claims to recover care home fees, Castle Keep Law and My Care Claim can also provide a niche professional service to advise and assist clients who are going through the process of applying for funding, or who are engaged in Care Home fee planning.

Time and time again, My Care Claims involvement has proven significant in the attainment of significant savings and justice for customers.

The Government Commissioned Dilnot Report

The coalition has announced their commitment to setting a cap on care home fees at £72,000, with the state funding care once that amount has been reached. But figures suggest that for the majority, the costs of providing care for elderly relatives will far exceed the cap amount.

Research by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries has found that for the average family the cost of care will actually reach £140,000 before they are considered to have reached the cap. Costs such as bed and board are not counted towards the capped amount, and are not covered once the cap has been reached.

The report states that the cap is so high only 8 percent of men and 15 percent of women who enter care will ever reach it. The Dilnot Report, launched in 2011, recommended a cap of between £25,000 and £50,000, and its author, economist Andrew Dilnot, has said he “regrets” that the cap is “higher than we would have wanted”.

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