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Leading the way in the provision of customer-centric debt resolution and personal insolvency solutions.


Harrington Brooks, one of the UK’s leading debt solution providers, is currently helping customers repay their unsecured debts through debt management plans (DMP) and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA).

Debt Management Plans and Informal Full & Final Settlements are administered by HB Financial Solutions Ltd, while Individual Voluntary Arrangements are provided by One Advice Ltd, trading as Harrington Brooks IVA. Both these companies are wholly owned companies of the One Advice Group.

Our DMP business trades as simply Harrington Brooks, while our IVA business trades as Harrington Brooks IVA.

Harrington Brooks has gained a reputation as a trustworthy provider of professional financial services, based on positive business growth and a commitment to a holistic customer service that represents value for money.

Harrington Brooks’ practices are based in a dedication to regulation and fairness and it is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), firm reference number 660923.

Harrington Brooks IVA is regulated by the Insolvency Practitioners Association (IPA).

Key Facts

Harrington Brooks manages around 128,000 unsecured debts worth £236m on behalf of customers each month. Source: Internal MI and correct as at January 2018.

The majority of creditors we work with will freeze or reduce interest and charges when notified by Harrington Brooks. There are over 6,000 creditors set up in the system, and in most cases, creditors are contacted on the day the plan is fully set up and typically work to receiving a return response rate of ten days.

In the case of IVAs, 64% of unsecured debts are typically written off at completion. Source: Internal MI and correct as at January 2018.

Customer Care

There is a team of dedicated account managers and customer service advisors who support customers every step of the way. All staff receive specialist training before beginning their roles, ensuring everyone is aware of and capable of delivering a high standard of service that also meets regulatory standards.

A total of 550,022 free initial advice sessions were provided by Harrington Brooks in the last five years.

Source: Internal MI and correct as at November 2017.

MyOnlineAccount is our online self-service portal for customers on a DMP. Here customers can view their balance, payments and plan details at any time.

Independent reviews

97% of over 2,700 independent reviews at Trustpilot rate Harrington Brooks as 4 star+. (January 2018)

At Review Centre , 94% of over 1,400 customers who have taken the time to add a comment would recommend Harrington Brooks and rate the service at an average 4.6 stars out of a maximum 5 stars. (January 2018)

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