The Living Wage Foundation recognises and celebrates the leadership shown by Living Wage Employers across the UK. Together we believe that work should be the surest way out of poverty. https: //

Following last year’s, group wide review of salaries, rewards and recognition, One Advice Group is proud to announce that we have received official recognition as a Living Wage employer. It means we’ll be flying the flag and celebrating this by adding the logo to our websites and emails shortly.

What’s the UK Living Wage?

In London it’s £9.75 per hour to reflect the higher cost of living facing families and it’s £8.45 across the rest of the UK, including Scotland and Wales – which is 17% higher than the governments minimum for the over 25s. However 1 in 5 people are still paid less than the real living wage.

What other companies pay Living Wage?

IKEA, Aviva, Nationwide Building Society, Oxfam, Nestle, National Express Buses, several football clubs including Everton and KPMG – there are over 1000 in London alone and more than 3000 accredited across the UK.

 In keeping with our Vision and Values

Being a Living Wage employer fits with the groups vision to be an employer of choice and it’s the right thing to do. It also sends a signal to our customers and partners that One Advice Group is a fair and modern employer. As many employers already accredited know, the benefits are clear – including increased productivity and reduced staff turnover.

In work poverty

Low pay is one of the main drivers of in-work poverty. In December 2016, the New Policy Institute conducted some research for the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation and found that 1 in every 8 workers in the UK or 3.8 million people, is now living in poverty.

A total of 7.4 million people, including 2.6 million children, are in poverty despite being in a working family. This means that a record high of 55 per cent of people in poverty are in working households.

“Having recognised that a large proportion of our customers rent, are paid low wages or have zero hours contracts and are trying to manage with cuts to benefit payments the Group appreciates the need to support the Living Wage movement.” Darren Smith, Group Commercial Director One Advice Group.

Claire Merton, HR Director also commented: “I’m delighted that One Advice Group is now fully accredited as a Living Wage employer. Our dedicated staff are at the heart of our mission to deliver sustainable financial wellbeing and this marks a commitment to both our customers and employees.”

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