Class 3E

Class 3E

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The two most popular stories were:

Daniel and Gage

The class didn’t know what to do with the money tree outside so they did a running race. It was a tie between Ian and Scarlet and Ian shouted “I won all the money” but Scarlet also shouted “we both won”. So they went outside but everything was over. And everybody saw Mike holding the money “Mike” everyone shouted.

Alex and Dylan

The money tree was looking green, grand and generous from the class room window. I looked out of the window I realised there was no leaves but money. I said to my friend “shall we climb the gate and snatch all the grand money?” My best friend said “let’s just take some and leave some for everyone else”, so that’s what we did. After School me and my friend went to the sweet shop and bought chocolate and sweets for myself.

JakeMasey and chloe

Ryanthe great money tree

Brandon, Jamie and Madison

Brandon shouted to Jamie “look at all that money on the money tree”. Madison walked around and didn’t know what to do with all the money. She decided that she would pick three quarters of the tree and leave one quarter for when she needed it. Brandon and Jamie took a quarter of Madison’s money and went on holiday.

Chantelle and Crystal

Miss Evans looked out the window and saw a mysterious money tree, then she shrieked “The money tree’s arrived”, so Miss Evans said to the children “pick half and save half”. The children ran to the money tree and picked all the money tree. Miss Evans hopped in her car and bought whatever she wanted and became rich and famous.

Poppy and Amelia

“I would only take the money I need” shouted Poppy. Poppy shouted that because she would have enough money to buy food for the next time. But then Amelia came and stole the money off the tree. But Poppy had one more pound and planted a new tree so they shared because Amelia would have took it again. Then they saw a £100 coin and cheered because it was impossible to find.

Mia and Kamil

Kamil was stood on the roof of his house and he shouted that he want’s to pick all of the money of the world. Kamil jumps off the roof off his trampoline, he bounces onto another trampoline he finds on the ground with a thud. He runs to the tree and shakes it so ll of the money falls off. He spends all of the money on a new car and then plants another tree hoping another tree would grow with money on it.

Natasha and Lilly-May

I went to the shops to buy a seed. I planted it in my flowerbed and I waited each day giving it water and sunlight. Then I woke up and looked out of the window and I saw my own money tree. I went to tell my mum and she was so happy that she wanted to share her money with the people around her community and nobody had to be money-less.

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