Class 4F

Class 4F

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The winning story was:

“It’s all mine” shouted Sky, running to the money tree. Suddenly Jazzmin tripped Taylor over and he went flying across the School yard and right past the money tree. In a flash Darquai rushed passed Sky, flipping Sky over. Finally Matthew reached the tree jumping over Daraquai. Greedily Matthew kept all the money to himself

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Holly and Brooke
I went out to the garden and saw the mysterious money tree. I grabbed all the money and I jumped into the green, little car and went to the shops.I bought 100,000 toys from the Pound Shop, leaving Pound Land empty.

Joshua and Leon

I would find the money tree then get all the money and share it with the poor people. Because it will make them healthy, happy. Also to be famous for be kindness. End up being a hero.

Emily, Taylor and Jessica

The kids didn’t know what to do with beautiful, brown and bold tree. The kids decided to spend half and save half. They went to spend the money and they bought lots of sweets.

Leo, Sergui and Tyler

“I would save half and spend half” yelled Miss Forrester. The reason being is if you spend all you wouldn’t have any left. Miss Forrester set off to buy a Lamborghini.

Millie and Elle

When I was in the garden I spotted a fabulous expensive money tree. I went over to the money tree and reached up to the money to see how much was there so I quickly grab it and put it in my pocket. Then, I got on the bus then I went to shop at the town centre and ran over too the shops and spend my money then I went home.

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