Haveley Hey Primary School

The One Advice Group contributed to Haveley Hey Primary Schools “Futures” week 2015. The purpose of the week was to provide the children aged 7 to 11 years, with visibility about the types of careers available in different industries, within the theme of writing. The school wanted to showcase how and why writing is so important.

For the five, 50 minute sessions, One Advice developed bespoke, tailor made collateral to enable the children to understand the importance of traditional writing methods but then also how to translate this to computer based writing or code. We chose to ask the children to write about a money tree, asking them to consider how they would manage the money and if they would spend, it, share it or save it? The aim for us; to encourage better money management skills for future generations.

The Money Tree

Consider the consequences of picking all the money, spending it all and sharing some of it. What are the benefits and what are the downsides? Then decide how to start your story …

The money tree HTML

Haveley Hey’s Got Talent

All the children in each class were asked to read out their stories and as a collective, they decided on a winning tale. These stories take pride of place on the One Advice Group website where the children can come to share their excellent work with carers, parents, friends and their teachers. We even gave the winners the chance to use HTML code to enhance certain elements.

Thanks to all the staff and children that participated in Havely Hay Futures Week, we certainly got a lot out of doing this, we hope you did too.