This Credit Union Awareness Week, One Advice are our local credit union Manchester Credit Union – who are joining forces with credit unions across Greater Manchester to form SoundPound.

Together, they want to make sure you do not get tricked by shiny offers made by slick national lenders – which may lead to costly repayments and financial stress, and instead, get treated fairly by a local credit union – who offer One Advice staff online and in-branch services, great loan deals and an easy way to save through your pay as our payroll partner.

As a not for profit organisation, SoundPound exists for the people of Greater Manchester – and NOT for faceless bankers in London.

Thousands of people are choosing not only to borrow with SoundPound partner credit unions but save too – keeping £24 million in the local economy.

So, to mark the launch of the Greater Manchester credit unions partnership during Credit Union Awareness Week (Oct 16-20), the SoundPound consortium is offering you the chance to win £100 for a restaurant of your choice by answering one simple question:

Thousands of people choose to save for a rainy day with their local credit union. How much do people across Greater Manchester currently save with the SoundPound credit unions in total?

1. £5 million
2. £400,000
3. £24 million

Email your answers to by October 20, leaving your full name and contact details. For the full terms and conditions, visit the SoundPound website.

To learn more about joining your local credit union, visit: