Corporate and Social Responsiblity

Within the One Advice Group we ask ourselves the question, do we operate with:

  • a conscience, integrity, co-operation and diligence?
  • citizenship and partnership in mind?
  • a sustainable, safe and responsible business for customers and staff?

As a group it is recognised that we must integrate business values and operations to meet the expectations of stakeholders, which include customers, employees, investors, suppliers, the community and the environment.

Corporate Responsibility

We have social, economic and environmental responsibilities to stakeholders that are integral to businesses in the Group and we demonstrate these responsibilities through our actions and within our policies.

Values are woven in to all that we do from the way we employ individuals, train staff, conduct operations and monitor results. Several audit committees exist in the Group to ensure we act responsibly, with accountability for our actions.

We look to maintain open dialogue with stakeholders and take the feedback we receive seriously. For example, Directors and senior staff meet weekly to discuss customer feedback provided from surveys and staff are encouraged to use intranet feedback forms, one to one sessions and the Culture Club to communicate their needs and views.

From staff inductions and bi-annual staff briefing events, through to the publishing of information packs, regular updates on our website, internal intranet news for our staff and how-to guides for customers, we communicate in an open and honest way. It is also appreciated that some customers may be experiencing high levels of stress, finding it hard to communicate, so we use a range of different formats and channels to ensure that information is heard and understood.

There is a commitment to continuous, sustainable development and improvement. The results of staff and customer surveys sparked several initiatives in 2013/14 resulting in cheaper calls for customers and better service quality.

Within each business, we encourage all staff to be mindful and respectful of our responsibilities to each other, customers and the community, and ensure that resources are made available to realise these commitments.