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One Advice Group helps local residents with ‘Street Advice’


Colleagues from the One Advice Group have today been giving support to residents in the local area by helping to signpost them to a range of services.

Following cutbacks a decision has been taken to move the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) in to central Manchester. Meaning that the face to face advice historically available in Wythenshawe is no more. Residents can use the self serve, web based offering and have telephone contact instead. However, Street Advice is a new service that has launched at the Forum Centre in Wythenshawe, aimed at plugging the gap which is left.

The main aim of Street Advice is to help residents from the local community get access to advice and support on a range of issues. This ranges from everyday issues such as money and debt management to problems with benefit(s), employment rights and legal or family disputes.

With subsidiaries that offer financial advice, the One Advice Group is well placed to offer residents the advice they may need on issues that we also manage for our new and existing clients.

“Street Advice is all about signposting people to the supporting services they need and once relied upon from the local CAB office. Businesses, professional services and community groups from the local area volunteer their resource, expertise and time to support Street Advice which is held on the first Tuesday of every month. This is a BW3 initiative that the One Advice Group support. Today residents welcomed the opportunity to ask a variety of different questions to the attending businesses, and expressed their thanks for the support”

Jodi Hamilton, Head of Marketing, One Advice Group

One Advice Group wins prestigious community award

Gorton Monastery 2

Gorton Monastery 2

Manchester -based One Advice Group (OAG), one of the UK’s leading personal insolvency and legal services providers, has been awarded “North West Business in the Community, New Comer Award for Responsible Business” by The Princes charitable organization, Business in the Community (BITC). The result will be announced at the BITC Gala Dinner in Manchester on 7 June.

The Group places a huge importance on its work in the local community and takes pride in its position as Greater Manchester’s third largest employer, and an employer of choice.

In particular, the Group has undertaken significant engagement with local schools as part of its ‘Financial Education for Future Generations’ programme. This has led to colleagues taking the time to engage with over 350 local children about the importance and value of money, as well as the effects of lending and spending, to ensure that they can make positive financial choices as they get older.

As part of this, the OAG has also developed PayDay, a financial education game to teach children about financial responsibility. PayDay was first used by students at Sandilands Primary School in February, and the feedback was so encouraging that OAG has also introduced it to children at Benchill Primary School and Newall Green High School, with plans to roll it out further already in the pipeline.

Furthermore, the OAG has also engaged directly in substantial charity work for local charities in and around the North West. They have a Charity of the Year, which last year was Forever Manchester, a charity that funds thousands of community groups and projects across the Greater Manchester region. This year the OAG’s Charity of the Year is the Christie NHS Foundation Trust, which is one of Europe’s leading cancer centres. The group has previously donated over £500 worth of food and clothes to local community group, the Tree of Life Centre Wythenshawe, as well as computers to local initiatives to help residents get online and use the internet.

Matthew Cheetham, Chief Executive of the One Advice Group, said:

“As a responsible, outward-looking business, the One Advice Group has a strong commitment to supporting our local community, local businesses and local schools. We are pleased that this commitment has been recognised by Business in the Community, and we look forward to working with partners in and around the North West to continue to support the community.”

Consumer vulnerability a key focus at inaugural Harrington Brooks Creditor Conference

Harrington Brooks brought the creditor community together in March for a new initiative conference aimed at collaborating to find solutions on how to improve best practice in the debt management and personal insolvency sector.

The delicate topic of consumer vulnerability proved to be one of the most thought-provoking issues that was discussed on the day, with many of the speakers talking at length on what could be done to help those in debt spirals.

Those presenting included Barclaycard, Lloyds Banking Group, RBS, Citizens Advice, Money Advice Scotland, Marston Holdings, Scottish Power, Arrow Global, and DEMSA, the debt management trade body.

Local Wythenshawe and Sale East MP Mike Kane delivered the keynote speech at the conference, where he spoke about his experiences of helping his constituents that were in debt. He argued that the creditor sector must improve the way it approaches indebtedness, and that a better and more proactive relationship is needed between debtors and creditors.

Following the event, he said:

“I know from the work I have done in my constituency that personal indebtedness is still a major problem in this country. I believe that the consumer credit sector has a big responsibility to ensure that people who are in debt are treated fairly at what is a hugely stressful time in their lives. I am therefore pleased that Harrington Brooks brought together the firms who are at the coalface of this growing problem into one room to discuss how to improve standards. I look forward to working with them to take forward these solutions.”

Matt Cheetham, CEO of Harrington Brooks, who also spoke at the conference, said:

“This was the first Harrington Brooks Creditor Conference and I’m pleased to say that it was a great success. I’m grateful to our partners from across the credit world that were able to join us on the day, particularly to explore ways of addressing consumer vulnerability. I look forward to taking forward many of the ideas developed at the conference in our future work.”