The inaugural Harrington Brooks creditor conference takes place today in Manchester featuring a host of guests and speakers from the debt management industry.

Part of the service

Part of the service that Harrington Brooks provides for customers involves negotiations with creditors who are owed money. This may be part of a plan of repayments or to get creditors to freeze interest and charges.

As a business we speak to a range of creditors, on a daily basis, as part of our commitment to customers. Maintaining a healthy relationship with creditors helps achieve best possible outcomes and ensures the business is working with the right information and processes to create an efficient service.

The conference aims to strengthen these relationships and also provides a useful insight in to life on both sides of the creditor and customer fence.  Some of the UK’s biggest operators in the world of finance, retail and debt management including Barclaycard, Vanquis, HSBC and Shop Direct are attending.

“Trying to keep our customers and creditors happy can be a fine balancing act. We have the interests of both to consider and must always do the right thing to get the best outcome. We make sure that our relationships with the creditors are healthy in order to get a solution which benefits them and the customer. Our creditor conference will strengthen these links.”

Darryl Matthews, Group Head of External Relations


Important speakers

One of the speakers at the conference will be Mike Kane, MP for Wythenshawe and Sale East. Because some of his constituents, that are also local to Harrington Brooks, deal with unsecured debts daily, he makes it his business to understanding some of the problems that arise from personal debt.

Vulnerable customers

The conference will help to discuss how both Harrington Brooks and creditors can best support those customers who need extra help in understanding their circumstances and the options available. Many companies attending have specialist support teams for vulnerable customers, as do Harrington Brooks, so the conference provides an ideal opportunity to exchange best practice ideas, successes and experiences. Collectively, we look to keep improving the service on offer.

“Any customer who is faced with the uncertainty of debt problems is treated fairly, sympathetically and with compassion, but we acknowledge that there are occasions when some customers need a slightly different approach because of their circumstances. With a dedicated team managing vulnerable customers we are well placed to manage the needs of our customers whilst delivering an efficient and quality service.”

Susan Yates, Director of Operations, Harrington Brooks