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Take the Taste Challenge at the One Advice Group


Every day we scour the news, social media, expert advice and shopping pages to provide customers of Harrington Brooks with the best money saving tips and offers around. We post these top tips to the Harrington Brooks Facebook and Twitter pages for customers to read and share.

We want customers to shop savvy, make the most of the money in their pocket and help them manage on a budget. We don’t always post tips about food as we’ve covered money saving tips for pet lovers, car owners, and suggested items that can be up cycled around the home along with how to avoid pitfalls that waste money.

So when we challenged customers to taste the difference between premium branded products and own label items, in a bid to help them save money, we thought it would make a great, fun and educational day at the office. So we challenged our colleagues to a Taste Challenge.

For our very own Taste Challenge we bought chocolate biscuits, orange cordial, white bread and spread and crisps from both Tesco and ALDI. We gave our colleagues the chance to say which they preferred from a taste perspective. In all instances the premium brand from Tesco cost more than the own label variant from ALDI or Tesco.

You may be surprised at our findings.

Tesco: McVitie’s milk chocolate digestives – £1.69 price per pack (ppp), 83 kcal per biscuit, 3.9g fat, 2.1g saturates, 4.9g sugars and 0.2g salt. No artificial colours or flavours. No hydrogenated vegetable oil.


ALDI: Biscuit Belmont Company, Digestives, “topped with smooth milk chocolate” – £0.44 ppp, with 74 kcal per biscuit, 3.4g fat, 1.9g saturates, 3.8g sugars and 0.12g salt. No artificial colours or flavourings. Suitable for vegetarians.

mcvitties 2


Tesco: Robinsons real fruit orange, double strength cordial – £1.87 per 1.75l or £1.60 per 1.5l, with 3 kcal per 250ml diluted, 0g fat, 0g saturates, 0.3g sugars and 0.08g salt. No added sugar.


ALDI: Sun Quench, double strength orange cordial – £0.95 per 1.5l, with 6 kcal per 250ml diluted, 0.5g fat, 0.1g saturates, 0.5g sugars and 0.09g salt. No added sugar. No artificial colours or flavourings.


 Tesco: Warburton’s medium sliced white bread 800g with Lurpak spreadable butter 500g. Bread: £0.95 per pack, with 96 kcal per slice, 0.8g fat, 0.3g saturates, 0.9g sugars and 0.4g salt. Butter: £3.25 per 500g tub, with 377 kcal per 100g, 40g fat, 15g saturates, 0.8g sugars and 1.1g salt.


ALDI: Everyday essentials medium sliced white bread 800g with Norpak spreadable 500g. Bread: £0.36 per pack, with 92 kcal per slice, 0.5g fat, 0.1g saturates, 1.4g sugars and 0.34g salt. Suitable for vegetarians. Butter: £1.49 per 500g tub, with 726 kcal per 100g, 80g fat, 35g saturates, 0.9g sugars and 0.9g salt.

warburtons 2
Versus Tesco: Pringles sour cream and onion 190g – currently on offer at £1.24 but normally £2.48 per tube, with 153kcal per 30g, 9.6g fat, 1.1g saturates, 0.9g sugars and 0.43g salt.

Tesco: Chipz sour cream and onion 165g – £1.00 per tube (comparable price £1.15), with 148 kcal per 27g, 9.2g fat, 0.8g saturates, 0.6g sugars and 0.3g salt. Suitable for vegetarians.


Or to put it another way, the five premium items from Tesco cost £8.73 and the own label variants costing £4.39, that’s 50% less. Total saving across all five own label items: £4.49

Apart from the fun and the buzz that this challenge caused around the office, we were all surprised at how much the cost savings were. And of course, everyone wanted to know the opinions, and which taste was most preferred … so here they are:

  1. Tesco McVitie’s milk chocolate digestives versus ALDI Biscuit Belmont Company, Digestives – 81 votes cast

The winner was McVitie’s milk chocolate digestives with 55% of the vote, when asked “Which one tastes better?”

  1. Tesco Robinsons real fruit orange, double strength cordial versus ALDI Sun Quench, double strength orange cordial – 108 votes cast..

The winner was Tesco Robinsons real fruit orange with 62% of the vote.

  1. Tesco Warburton’s medium sliced white bread 800g with Lurpak spreadable butter 500g versus ALDI Everyday essentials medium sliced white bread 800g with Norpak spreadable 500g – 71 votes cast.

The winner was Warburton’s medium sliced white bread with Lurpak spreadable butter with 52% of the vote.

  1. Tesco Pringles sour cream and onion 190g versus Tesco Chipz sour cream and onion 165g -100 votes cast.

 The winner was Pringles sour cream and onion with 57% of the vote.

It was a close call but all the premium brands came top in the taste tests. So our question now is; do you prefer these products based on taste or do you prefer them based on price?


The One Advice Group Achieves Investors In People Silver

The One Advice Group has been awarded a Silver status following its latest Investors in People audit.


On the 9th June 2015, we welcomed Kevin Mellor an Investors in People Specialist to the One Advice Group to review the investment we have put into our people, processes and infrastructure. Kevin interviewed 10% of our employees, from each department, in a number of different roles.

During the interviews colleagues were asked a range of questions about what its like to work at One Advice Group and Kevin scored these based on the IIP quality framework. The Investors in People framework gives the Group a tangible way to drive the business and benchmarks the Group against other leading companies. The framework also helps highlight where our commitment to our people is working well and gives us opportunities to improve. The award helps us showcases how effectively we manage our people.

Our employees shared their thoughts and feelings with the assessors. Some of the key messages that came from the feedback were that employees:
• Have faith in the leadership team
• Recognise compliance as being an important part of our culture
• Commented perceived change in culture across the whole of the business
• Believe regulation brings sustainability
• Welcomed new ideas which lead to positive and exciting outcomes.

Obtaining a silver accreditation is incredible news for the Group and makes inroads towards our new ‘people plan’. The outputs and actions from the review will be a commitment from the Group as an ongoing project over the next three years. This builds on what the Group has already achieved and will hopefully act as a building block to achieve gold during our next assessment. Whilst this is an ambitious target the Group is aiming to do this within the next 18 months.

The plan for our people starts with a bang with our internal #ExpressYourself campaign. During June, we will be asking colleagues what they think about working for the Group.