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One Advice Group do the write thing at Haveley Hey primary school

The One Advice Group will host a number of workshops as part of ‘Futures Week’ at Haveley Hey Primary School.

The Group will visit the school based in Benchill, Manchester, as part of its extensive educational programme with local schools and colleges.

The importance of writing skills and their role in the workplace is the theme for this year’s sessions. Part of the session will invite students to write an article about ‘good money management’ and also use basic HTML coding skills to refine formatting and layout when the article is shown on the One Advice Group website.

One of the key aims of the session is to raise aspirations and expectations of children in primary schools, outlining industries in which they could realise a career path. Whilst it may be a long time before they enter the world of work, the One Advice Group believe that you are never too young to begin planning a career.

In addition to educating students about potential career opportunities, the Group are also using the sessions to provide students with knowledge and money management skills to help them manage their cash and savings as they become more financially independent.

These sessions are part of the Group’s overall commitment to support financial education in schools. Previous educational and well-being workshops that the Group have held have also been delivered at Newhall Green High School and Manchester Health Academy.

“The One Advice Group is committed to helping young people in the Manchester area to think about their lives after they leave education. Greater Manchester is blessed with a tremendous amount of bright, ambitious young people and it is the current generation’s duty to help them to achieve their potential.”

Jodi Hamilton, Head of Marketing and CSR Implementation at the One Advice Group

The Group will deliver five 50 minute sessions to students aged between nine and 11, which will place an emphasis on the need for strong writing skills in the workplace. Students will work in pairs to produce a story about a Money Tree, which will be showcased on the Group website. These articles will be published once the sessions have taken place and been saved for the children to show to their family and friends.

Payday Loans and Consumer Credit Sector fees in Labour’s sights

As part of its manifesto pledge Ed Miliband has said that a Labour government would introduce a new fee on payday and short term lenders and use the revenue generated to finance alternative providers such as credit unions.

Delivering the manifesto on the set of Coronation Street the Labour leader said that they wanted to “deal with the scourge of household debt”.

As regulation within the consumer credit industry fell under the FCA over a year ago, providers have already faced scrutiny and are working towards deadlines in becoming fully authorised by the FCA. Prior to the announcement we would expect a lot fewer firms, especially those who operate unscrupulously, to be active following the appointment of a new regulator.

Labour’s proposals have previously been advocated, as far back in 2013, by high profile party members including Stella Creasy and Ann Coffey.

Whilst these potential reforms could have an impact on the number of lenders who operate in the sector the service provided should always be focused on the interests of the customer and treating them fairly. It is only the fittest and fairest who will survive.

The One Advice Group’s comments on the Labour Party Manifesto can be found in the media centre of our site.