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The One Advice Group meets Manchester’s business leaders of tomorrow

The One Advice Group (OAG), one of the UK’s leading financial and legal service providers, will spend the day with students from Trafford College at their annual career event, “What Next 4 U?”, to talk to them about the options available to them after they leave full time education.

Sale-based OAG, the area’s third largest local employer after Wythenshawe Hospital and Manchester Airport, will be running two, forty minute presentations titled “Have you considered a career at the One Advice Group” and have a stall at the lunchtime careers fair, where the students can ask questions, chat to staff and discover the opportunities that exist at the company.

The day, which will feature the contributions of over 40 other organisations, including the BBC, Greater Manchester Police and the Armed Forces, will see students listen to a combination of three presentations of their choice, delivered by some of the organisations present.

The OAG, who are one of the organisations chosen to present, will speak to the students about what it is like to work at the company, including information about its coveted Enterprise Scheme. The scheme provides talented employees with the opportunity to develop and progress their careers, in areas such as legal, sales, marketing, customer service and compliance, in order to position them as the company’s leaders of tomorrow.

Matthew Cheetham, CEO of the One Advice Group, commented, “Manchester should be proud of its rich and diverse talent pool. The Manchester economy is going from strength to strength which is testament to today’s talented young people who are the backbone of the highly skilled and educated work force that exists in this region”.

“Trafford College’s careers day provides organisations such as the One Advice Group to get to know young people, in order to show them the opportunities that are open to them, in a way that they may not have otherwise had access too.”

Finley’s Journey #Opteddybear

The One Advice Group have been collecting teddy bears to donate to Finley, who is aiming to break the World record for ‘number of teddy bears in a row’. Finley was admitted into Birmingham Children’s Hospital last year, being later diagnosed with a Grade 4 Glioblastoma brain tumour. His story touched our employee’s hearts, so we’re committed to getting as many teddy bears as possible for him.


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The current Guinness World Record for teddy bears in a line is 4,014. Finley has made it his next challenge to raise as much money as he can for Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital and Brain Tumour Research, while getting as many teddies as he can to break a Guinness World Record.

The Guinness World Record attempt will be held on Sunday 3rd May 2015 at Alvechurch Cricket Club, Birmingham. The event is to give people the chance to take their teddies along to help Finley, and even adopt a bear on the day to raise money for the charities.

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If you would like to read more about #Opteddybear and Finley’s Journey then visit Operation teddy bear

The One Advice Group Comment on the Liberal Democrat’s Manifesto

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Matthew Cheetham, CEO of the One Advice Group, comments on the launch of the Liberal Democrat’s manifesto.

“Harrington Brooks supports the flagship commitment by the Liberal Democrats in their manifesto to raise the tax free personal allowance to at least £12,500. The party has pledged that the measure would provide people with an extra £400 in extra cash, an amount desperately by many to pay for essential everyday items, as well as to steer clear of the devastating effect of indebtedness.”

“Furthermore, we greatly welcome the Lib Dem’s pledge to establish a review of effective ways to promote ‘rainy day’ saving,  in order to improve people’s financial resilience. Financial education and the promotion of good saving habits would be an important cornerstone to the national Personal Debt Action Plan that Harrington Brooks has called on all parties to adopt. However, this new review is not enough, and the next Government’s approach to debt needs to be all encompassing and co-ordinated if we are going to lift people out of financial misery.”

The One Advice Group Comment On Labour’s Manifesto

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Matthew Cheetham, CEO of the One Advice Group, comments on Labour’s manifesto launch.

“We welcome the Labour Party’s focus on polices to lift hard working families out of financial hardship. Labour’s commitment to raise the minimum wage to more than £8 by October 2019, to protect tax credits against inflation for working families and the freezing of energy bills for households are important measures that will ease the pressure off families who are in financial trouble. We also welcome Labour’s commitment to apply a further levy on payday lenders, who continue to be a significant source of the nation’s personal debt epidemic.”

“As a proud member of the Greater Manchester community, Harrington Brooks also welcomes Labour’s commitment to devolve an extra £30bn in funding to English cities. We believe that the right to self-determination over our economic future is an important step to securing the long-term success of Manchester’s many local businesses.”

“However, for all the focus on Labour’s commitment to tackle the nation’s debt problems, we are disappointed that there is no explicit commitment to address the growing personal debt epidemic that continues to be a huge problem in this country. Harrington Brooks has been calling for the main parties to implement a national Personal Debt Action Plan, and we urge the next Government to take this issue up after the election.”

The One Advice Group Comment on Conservatives’ manifesto


Matthew Cheetham, CEO of the One Advice Group, comments on the launch of the Conservatives’ manifesto.

“The Conservatives’ announcement today in its manifesto that it will champion the rights of “working people” and extend the Right-to-Buy scheme for social tenants is a positive step, as it allows individuals to take control of their lives and secure their financial futures. Harrington Brooks also welcomes the pledge to remove people who earn the minimum wage from paying any income tax at all, as it will help to ease the financial pressure that such individuals may sometimes find themselves under.”

“We also welcome, with particular interest, the Conservatives’ commitment to legislate for further powers and an increased budget for the Greater Manchester area. Based in Sale, we firmly believe that given the opportunity, Manchester’s thriving business community can go from strength to strength if given more control over its own affairs.”

“However, Harrington Brooks wants to see the next Government implement a coordinated and focused national Personal Debt Action Plan, that draws upon the resources available from those in the debt sector, as well as from the experiences of those who have actually suffered financial hardship themselves, in order to eradicate this country’s debt epidemic once and for all.”