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One Advice Office Move


One Advice relocated to a new office space this week, to house our expanding workforce. Our new home is Jackson House, just off the same road as our former office Sale Point.

Our offices now encompass 3 floors, with ample desk space and a large modern canteen for our 600+ staff.

The new postal address is:

Jackson House, Sibson Road

Sale, Manchester

M33 7RR


Our sales team busy at their new desks

Our sales team busy at their new desks


Packing up our supplies at Sale Point

IPPR Study Proposes Strategy to End ‘Poverty Premium’ for Consumers Forced to Borrow from Payday Lenders

IPPR has published the findings of a study into the consumer credit industry entitled, ‘Jumping the shark: Building institutions to spread access to affordable credit’.

IPPR Study: Jumping the shark: Building institutions to spread access to affordable credit

IPPR Study: Jumping the shark: Building institutions to spread access to affordable credit

It proposes issuing a one-off levy of £450m on the consumer credit industry in order to fund a wave of affordable lenders to take on “Britain’s legal loan sharks”.

The report also calls for a new Government backed saving incentive for people on low incomes, to support asset-building and reduce demand for payday loans. The report says that 20p could be ‘matched’ by the Government for every £1 saved up in the first £20 deposited each month. Lastly, the reports highlights how two-thirds of low-income households have less than one month’s salary in savings at any one time.

Staff Briefing Event


Our staff briefing event was held at LCCC this year, to house our 600+ team.

CEO Matt Cheetham

CEO Matt Cheetham

As well as containing our usual presentations from CEO Matt Cheetham and COO Terry Sweeney on the past years achievements and the future developments of the One Advice Group, the brief also contained video segments from our staff, sharing their views on the working environment and on the achievements of our Culture Club (staff based committee in charge of employee well being and communication between management and staff).

COO Terry Sweeney

COO Terry Sweeney

FCA Takeover Regulation of Financial Services Industry

As of 1 April, 2014, the FCA take over the regulation of around 50,000 consumer credit firms from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have three operational objectives:

  • To secure an appropriate degree of protection for consumers.
  • To protect and enhance the integrity of the UK financial system.
  • To promote effective competition in the interests of consumers.

The interests of the customer are the focus of the new regulations, giving consumers additional protection and puts the onus on credit providers  to ensure that they treat customers fairly at all times. Consumer credit providers will need to ensure that they give customers the right information to make informed choices, that their services meet consumer nees, and that people in difficulty are treated fairly.